About Us

Island Design has grown from a simple idea to a booming business simply empowered by a deep- seated passion to empower a young woman’s talent for handmade novelty gift items. Channeling her talents and keen eye for creative expressions using local craftsman and local commodities, each item is handmade to perfection inspired by Sri Lankan tradition and culture. Every piece you find under the Island Design umbrella is manufactured in house to export quality standards. Quality is maintained at a stringent level and attention to detail is the culture practiced at Island Design. Each novel gift idea is inspired by Sri Lankan life and its elements in day to day life in this Paradise Isle. Most elements found in the products are Sri Lankan to the core and is all manufactured in Sri Lanka by hand. Hand cut and Handmade, each item is made with love and embodies the famed warm nature of Sri Lankan hospitality.

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Fusing modern techniques with traditional design elements, Island Design appeals to the aesthetics of all those who love and enjoy Sri Lanka. The perfect souvenir or complimentary give away, Island Design boasts of a broad range of products to choose from. With its Eco-friendly manufacturing principles Island Design also takes pride in its Social Responsibility to the local community.